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Jeevitham Foundation History

(Aim Zero – Abandoned Free Nation)

Jeevitham Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by Ms.Manisha.K on March, 2018 for the society welfare especially to the abandoned people on roadside. JEEVITHAM is a word, which tends to the meaning of “Regaining or Returning back to the normal life from the state of abandoned”.

Our main focus is to create awareness among the families and adults about their part in increasing number of abandoned people,
and also our major part of work in the rehabilitation of abandoned people either safeguarding them in homes or rejoining with their families or allocating them in jobs, thereby preventing them from encommitted into begging. Abandoned people including, a person separated from the family, an old age, a mentally affected or retarded, a physically challenged, a diseased and drug addicted and beggars including children, adult and old age on roadside. Also we are doing free medical help to the needed victims