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Create Our Nation – An Abandoned Free One

Founder : MANISHA.K

Address : Kumalankuttai, Perundurai road, Erode – 638011

Contact : 9894055074 , 9363529937


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“Aim Zero – Abandoned Free Nation”

where no humans being is in the state of abandoned on roadside and seeking for alms and giving alms.


Create our nation – An Abandoned Free One

by tendering love, fulfilling basic needs, bonding rapport, rehabilitating and safeguarding them for the welfare of abandoned people.

Successful Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation of Abandoned people

Rescued Girijani – Mentally ill lady, who was working as a Head Master in Karnataka.

Field Visit

Daily we used to meet people living on roadside, communicate them with kind words, maintain bonding relationship with them through this visit. We have collected the complete history of the person and understand their inner feeling of the current situation.

Need Fulfilment

On the regular meeting we used to fulfil their needs including foods, dresses, bedsheets & basic accessories etc.

Medical Aid

The roadside dweller or The abandoned victim was being injured or wounded, we will provide wound dressing care on regular basis until healing. Also provide hospital treatment for medically ill & mentally ill victims. Currently due to wide spread of Corona Virus Infection, RT – PCR test done during rescue operation.

Personal Hygiene

With the team, we clean their mess, cut their rough matted hairs, assist with bathing to freed from dirt and give them new dresses.


Once we Received the no objection certificate from the police station, we will recover the victim and integrating their future life by means of ADMIT IN SHELTER HOMES, ADMIT IN HOSPITAL FOR TREATMENT, REJOIN WITH THEIR FAMILY and/or ALLOCATE THEM IN JOBS as their wish.

Our Achievements

Gandhi Award from Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu – 2020

Best Social Service Organization, Erode by District Collector – 2021


Donation Details


A/C Number : 1619135000027927

Branch : Veerappan Chathiram, Erode

IFSC code : KVBL0001619


Google pay & Paytm : 9894055074


Donations are invited, may be Masks & Gloves, Clothes including Sarees, Blouse, Nighties, Inskirts, Shirts, Pants, Vesti, Trousers, Towel & Cleaning things including sRazor, Scissor, Hair comb, Shaving Gel, Blade, Soaps, Shampoo & Medical Aid Things issscluding Gauze roll, Cotton roll, Povidine Iodine Solution, Hydrogen peroxide Ssssssssssolution, Transpore tape, Scissor, Normal Saline & Basic Accessories insssscluding Washing Soaps, Washing Powder, Oil etc.

Monetary Donations also are invited to meet the expenses of Travel Allowances for Lifting the person from Road to Shelter Homes.

Become a Volunteer

Join with us,,,…. You will realise – How Sweet The Humanity is??,,…